Front Porch Reading

Sitting on the front porch reading. Once I may not have thought I had the time to waste. Now I have no place to go and nothing planned. Plenty of time.

Enjoying My Kayaks

I recently purchased two kayaks. In the past few weeks I have enjoyed getting out on local lakes. It is a great way to get my nature fix and still social distance. Staying away from people, for me is easy. Staying away from nature, that is really hard. Kayaking at High Point City Lake. Perfect... Continue Reading →


Per the handy dictionary on my Pixel phone this is the definition of normal. adjective conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. I have a sign over my hall closet that reads, "Around here, normal is just a setting on the dryer". I bought this sign a few years ago because my family has... Continue Reading →

Everyday Life Skills

I have started a You Tube channel named "Everyday skills that your parents didn't teach you". I am going to start with cooking topics but plan to branch out to finances, simple repairs, and ways to save money. First video: Basic Yeast Bread Second video: Iced Tea

Slowing Down

From time to time it is beneficial to slow down. Sometimes we choose to, like a vacation. Sometimes we are forced to, like an illness or injury or being told to stay home. We can fight it, and resent it Or We can take it for what it is....a time to slow down Think Breathe... Continue Reading →

Community Park

Decided I needed a little air after a day in the basement office, so I am hanging out at the Community park. I am not alone.... There are families eating takeout. Individuals like me walking or running. Someone fishing. A few people walking dogs. Everyone just getting a little fresh air. Getting out of their... Continue Reading →

Current Situation

As I adjust to working and functioning differently I know that I am in better a situation than others. Those who on my mind: Healthcare workers. As an old nurse that now works in education, I am aware of the sacrifice that healthcare workers make, not only through increased work hours and exposure, but also... Continue Reading →

Signs of Spring

There are signs of Spring everywhere in our yard. The tree that we thought was dead last year and almost pulled out of the ground. Blooms on the trees and bushes. Pansies blooming again. The kale and spinach, although they grew all winter, have had marked growth this week.

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